Do Governments Ever Lie?

A look at an old case:

“Reading from the Silver Star citation, which was referred to in an April 30 internal Pentagon email as the “Tillman SS gameplan” Kevin Tillman provided an abridged version of what the military told his family and the nation about his brother’s death: “Above the din of battle, Corporal Tillman was heard issuing fire commands to take the fight to an enemy on the dominating high ground. Always leading from the front, Corporal Tillman aggressively maneuvered his team against the enemy position on a steep slope. As a result of Corporal Tillman’s effort and heroic action, … the platoon was able to maneuver through the ambush position … without suffering a single casualty,” Kevin Tillman stated at the hearing.

“This story inspired countless Americans, as intended,” but “there was one small problem with the narrative,” Tillman told the Congressional Oversight panel. “It was utter fiction.””

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The Enfield Poltergeist

Dr. Jayne's Expectorant (3093617372)

A detailed look at the Enfield Poltergeist:

What Happened to Todd Sees? (LordanARTS)

14 Ways the Flat Earth Theory is False

An interesting article from Metabunk:

1. The flat Earth. Nothing debunks the flat Earth model like seeing it in action (duration 3m22s)-

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The McCann’s 10-Year Interview (Statement Analysis)


Peter Hyatt of Statement Analysis® on the McCann’s 10-year interview:

“This is a recent interview that is 10 years after the reported disappearance of Madeleine.  Statement Analysis has indicated deception on the part of both Gerry and Kate McCann regarding what happened that night.

Content Analysis reveals that the child was not kidnapped, or in the words of Kate McCann, “taken” by an intruder.

The interviews since then have been consistent in affirming the original analysis. “…

A Skeptic Looks at Missing 411

McCann’s Embedded Confessions

Madeleine_close2In light of all of the hullabaloo over #Pizzagate and the allegations that members of HRC’s staff were allegedly involved in the Madeleine McCann abduction, here is a set of videos worth considering.

Below is an interview between Richard Hall and Peter Hyatt of Statement Analysis® in which Mr. Hyatt analyses statements made by the McCanns in a televised interview.  Mr. Hyatt concludes that the McCanns’ statements were deceptive, that Madeleine is likely deceased, and that Madeleine likely died in the McCann apartment, possibly from injuries sustained in some sort of accidental fall.  It is fascinating to see how Mr. Hyatt deduces all of this information solely from the statements the parents make:

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