The Body Wasn’t There When They Looked

While reading about Canada’s missing children, I came across mention of the Kevin Reimer case.  This case was also featured in the Missing 411: North America and Beyond book. I thought this quote was interesting confirmation of David Paulides’ claim that bodies are often found in areas that have been previously searched:

That name rang a bell because of Kevin Reimer, the 9-year-old lad who mysteriously vanished in June 1979 from Elk Island National Park in Strathcona County, just east of Edmonton.

At the time, PS worked in Strathcona County.

The boy’s remains were eventually found in woods not too far from where he was last seen. My friend, Ken Chambers of the RCMP, part of the initial search, swore the body wasn’t there when they looked.

Chambers — then stationed at the RCMP Detachment in Sherwood Park — said he and many other officers walked nearly shoulder to shoulder, poking the ground with long sticks … and no way was that body there. His conclusion was that the child’s body was dumped in that location after the police search.

Detective Shoaf said he called the RCMP for more information on the Kevin Reimer file. He says Mounties ruled Reimer’s death accidental. Hmmm … don’t know if I buy that.

According to Shoaf, the ‘Good Samaritan’ who notified police that people were frantically searching for a missing boy was not a family member, but PS. I haven’t seen the RCMP file to confirm that. But if the information is correct, so much for Kevin’s death being an accident.

As one can imagine, Kevin’s death had a massive impact on his family. For years, the boy’s bedroom remained just as it was the day he left. Kevin’s bed was made and his clothes, toys, and books were neatly placed … as though waiting for him to walk in the room again.


The “PS” referred to above is the “Prime Suspect” in the Tania Murrell disappearance, who also appears to have been connected to the Reimer case (also noted here).

Missing 411 states, “I did an extensive search of the archives, and I could not absolutely confirm that Kevin or his remains were ever found” (page 318).  You can see Kevin’s picture among a list of missing children on page 15 of this source. However, he does not appear in any of the following missing children databases while Tania Murrell is listed in at least some of them:

These are only a selection of the databases I found online; however, the lack of Kevin’s name on any of them would suggest that he is, indeed, deceased as the above source (a reporter who worked on the Tania Murrell investigation) and Websleuths state.