Missing 411 and Human Causality

1434674_68068033-stormymountainpeakI previously wrote about statements David Paulides made in an interview concerning wilderness and rural disappearances on Where Did The Road Go? entitled “David Paulides on Missing 411 The Devil’s in the Detail Part 2 December 20, 2014.”  In that interview, the following exchange took place at about the 42:58 mark:

WDTRG?:  Would you say at this juncture that you really have any idea what’s behind this phenomena?

DP:  Well, I, I, I, you know, people ask that daily and I would say probably the one thing that’s not part of that phenomena is I don’t think humans are.  I-I mean, I-I don’t see a way that a human could be a perpetrator in any of this.

The cases profiled in the Missing 411 books certainly seem mysterious and raise many questions.  From the information given, it’s hard to see how humans could be behind the many disappearances.  More puzzle pieces are needed to make a complete picture.

Fast-forward to more recent interviews where Mr. Paulides discusses his newest book, Missing 411: A Sobering Coincidence, and the urban disappearances of young, college-aged men (see, for example, David Paulides – Urban Disappearances posted by Mornet Sennah).  It is in relation to these disappearances that missing pieces of the puzzle can be found in the following Steph Young interview:

Steph Young on Mysterious Drownings – Feb 10, 2016 on Where Did The Road Go?:

In this interview, Steph Young discusses a rash of mysterious “drownings” of young college-aged men – including some of the same cases discussed by Mr. Paulides.  Yet, Ms. Young adds in details that are not mentioned in Mr. Paulides’s Missing 411 interviews.  When we combine Ms. Young’s details with Mr. Paulides’s profile, a clearer picture emerges.  Below is the fact pattern that seems to repeatedly occur.  I have marked details given by both Mr. Paulides and Ms. Young in the above-mentioned interviews with a green asterisk; those provided only by Mr. Paulides with a blue asterisk; and those provided only by Ms. Young with a red asterisk:

  • *the victims are college-aged men (*usually aged 18-24; one was 31);
  • *the victims are usually top scholars and/or athletes, even swim team members.  *Not one victim has been a vagrant, drug dealer, alcoholic, criminal, etc.;
  • *the victims are often (but not always) white, popular, and good-looking;
  • *the victims often have some connection to Germany, whether it be that they are studying the German language or are of German heritage, etc.;
  • *the victims often have a strong religious affiliation;
  • *the victims often disappear in fall or winter during college term time;
  • *the victims often disappear around holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s;
  • *the victims often disappear after attending a party, bar, or other public place;
  • *while at a bar, party, etc., the victims often appear to get drunk very quickly, more quickly than usual;
  • *at some point while at a bar, party, etc., the victims become separated from their friends;
  • *the victims either choose to go outside of their location (ie. say they’re tired or sick and going to leave) or are thrown out by bouncers (usually for no good reason), etc.;
  • *often the victims encounter strangers, either individuals or groups of people, including women;
  • *some of the disappearances seem to be connected to vans, ie. vans blocking the victims from leaving alleyways, etc.;
  • *the victims often set off walking from their location in an unusual direction, ie. away from their homes;
  • *the victims often walk very far out of the way from the direction they would be expected to take;
  • *the victims disappear very quickly;
  • *there are no witnesses to the disappearances;
  • *the disappearances are not caught on CCTV or security cameras;
  • *the victims often disappear while talking on their cell phones;
  • *the cell phone calls often end abruptly during a conversation or after the victim asks for help, swears, screams, etc.  Sometimes there is noise like heavy breathing or wind on the line and sometimes there is just dead silence;
  • *the victims are reported missing very quickly;
  • *the victims go missing for a period of time;
  • *some of the victims are never found;
  • *search dogs and cadaver dogs are often unable to track a scent.  *This may be because the victims have been placed into vehicles and transported elsewhere;
  • *a few victims are found unconscious or semi-conscious.  They often have a “deer in the headlights” look when found;
  • *the victims’ bodies are often found in water or sometimes in other non-sensical locations;
  • *the water in which the victims are found has often been previously extensively searched (dozens or hundreds of times by hundreds of people) without finding the victim;
  • *the victims’ bodies are found in water that is either very close to the location from which they disappeared or is pretty much inaccessible;
  • *the victims are often found in very shallow water, even water that is too shallow to drown in;
  • *although found in water, not all of the victims have drowned or have drowned in the water in which they were found.  Evidence shows that many died on land;
  • *the victims’ bodies often appear to have been placed and posed in the water after death.  Some are found face-up with their arms crossed over their chest.  Others are found half in and half out of the water.  Still others are found standing up in the water;
  • *the victims appear to have been held somewhere for a length of time prior to their deaths;
  • *the victims are often missing clothing and one or both shoes;
  • *the victims’ cell phones or other accessories like glasses are often found on the edge of the water in which their bodies are located.  *Or, often the victims’ cell phones are missing / not on them when their bodies are found;
  • *the victims often have inexplicably high levels of alcohol or drugs such as MDMA or GHB in their system;
  • *there are no visible signs of trauma on the victims’ bodies;
  • *there are no signs of struggle on the victims’ bodies;
  • *there are no obvious signs of foul play on the victims’ bodies;
  • *the police tend to assume the victims were drunk, fell into the water, and drowned (but never in a way that is caught on CCTV);
  • *the FBI shows up to investigate some of these cases, even before there’s any evidence a crime might have taken place;
  • *some investigators have discovered that the killings happen on the same day in different locations and that here appear to be cells of people carrying out these crimes; and
  • *there appear to be geographical clusters where the disappearances are occurring (eg. college towns such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Au Claire, Madison, Milwaukee, Indiana, Tempe, Canadian cities on the Great Lakes).

The pattern outlined above seems to indicate that human beings are, in fact, behind the college-aged men’s drownings and disappearances.  Ms. Young suggests that there is something rather sinister and unusual motivating these disappearances – something which, frankly, I’d rather not know about since the disappearances themselves are spooky enough.

The idea of humans being behind at least some of the Missing 411 disappearances is not far-fetched.  We know at least two of the profiled disappearances have human causes:

  1. DeOrr Kunz, Jr., whose parents have been fingered in his disappearance; and
  2. The McStay family, whose disappearance turned out to be a murder at the hands of the husband’s business partner.

Here are some other sources that seem to back up the human causation theory.  Compare the details to what Mr. Paulides and Ms. Young have profiled:

The Manchester Canal drownings are believed by many to be the work of a serial killer.  See the article, Is a serial killer dubbed The Pusher stalking Manchester’s canals? Experts fear ‘an extremely disturbed individual’ could be responsible for 28 unexplained deaths.  Note these statements from the article [emphasis added].  Re Souvik Pal, 18:

The body of Mr Pal – a design student in Manchester – was discovered in the Bridgewater Canal three weeks after he had been ejected from a 2012 New Year’s Eve party at the Warehouse Project nightclub in Trafford Park…

Disturbingly, CCTV images recorded the teenager walking in the company of a man whose identity has never been confirmed minutes after leaving the club.

and re David Plunkett, 21:

The pair called their son’s phone the night he died, only to hear terrified screams.

Anne said: ‘The screaming and howling was so unearthly that you just felt it had to be something.’

The Nicholas Hawkins death is discussed in ‘Someone is trying to kill me’: Terrified teen calls mother saying he feared for his life moments before he disappeared, in which we read [emphasis added]:

Nicholas Hawkins was last heard of as he walked home on Saturday evening when he made a panicked call to his mother to tell her someone was trying to kill him, WVTM reports.

Then his cellphone cut off.

See also:

Police recover body of missing Alabama teen who called his mother to say someone was trying to kill him

Two men charged with murdering teen who called his mother saying ‘someone is trying to kill me’ days before he was found shot

And lastly, the case of Grace Taylor, who fortunately survived, is discussed in British backpacker who vanished in Thailand shows she is fine with heart symbol after police find her and ‘detain her for her own good’.  The article begins as follows [emphasis added]:

A British backpacker who went missing in Thailand after telling her family people were ‘trying to hurt her’ has been pictured for the first time since she went missing…

Mrs Taylor said she was ‘desperately worried’ about her daughter and that other backpackers had reported that she was ‘disorientated’ and ‘not in a good mental state’.

When the details Steph Young has uncovered are added to the Missing 411 accounts, the disappearance profile is sobering indeed.  The picture seems to point in the direction of human beings being the cause of the college-aged men’s mysterious “drownings.”  In some ways, that’s a comforting thought since it removes the need to be scared of aliens or other things that go bump in the night.  In other ways, though, the thought of such human predators being on the loose brings … well … anything but comfort.


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