The Strange Death of Morgan Ingram, Part 3: The Ingram Property and Neighborhood

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459764_20037420-cat eye std [Disclaimer:  I am in no way personally connected to any member of the Ingram family or to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO).  I do not have access to the physical GCSO files, nor was I present on the Ingram property when any of the alleged events in this case took place.   What follows below is simply my understanding and opinion of the situation based on information publicly made available on the internet as of November-December 2013].

Below are Google Maps screenshots of the Ingram Property and neighborhood taken in December 2013 so the reader can have an understanding of where the alleged events in this case took place:

Screenshot (7)2

Screenshot (8)3

Screenshot (9)2

Note that although there are a lot of trees surrounding the house, the Ingrams say that none of the trees were close enough to Morgan’s bedroom window to have made any of the tapping sounds made by her alleged stalker.  According to the Garfield County Case Reports (GCCR) (pdf), Morgan’s bedroom was located on the north, which is the side at the top of the house in the screenshots. The September 18 blog entry indicates roughly where Morgan’s middle bedroom window was.  According to the August 8 blog entry, the office was located on the south, tree-lined side of the house (“on the other side of the house” from Morgan’s bedroom).

A floor plan of the house was posted in the September 17 blog post.  It was also made available in the GCCR (pdf) and therefore is a matter of public record, as I understand it.  Here is the diagram from the GCCR (pdf) with my labels added in red text:

Screenshot (10)3 describes 62 Corral Drive, Carbondale, Colorado, 81623 as having 3 full bedrooms, 3 full and one half bathrooms, and 2500 square feet on a 0.28 acre lot.  The current property value is estimated to be between $567,848 and $653,024.  Please note that the Ingrams did not own this property when they lived in it.  They leased it.

To be continued…

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