The Strange Death of Morgan Ingram, Part 1: The Basic Claims, Websleuths, and Dr. Phil

459764_20037420-cat eye std[Disclaimer:  I am in no way personally connected to any member of the Ingram family or to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO).  I do not have access to the physical GCSO files, nor was I present on the Ingram property when any of the alleged events in this case took place.   What follows below is simply my understanding and opinion of the situation based on information made publicly available on the internet as of November-December 2013].

Morgan Jennifer Ingram was a beautiful and talented 20-year-old woman who lost her life on December 2, 2011 under disputed circumstances. Toni and Steve Ingram, Morgan’s parents, claim she was murdered by a neighbour who stalked her from August 2, 2011 to the date of her death.  The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, on the other hand, classified her death as suicide due to “amitriptyline intoxication” and closed their investigation.

In 2012, Morgan’s parents started a blog, which quickly gathered quite a following, to tell Morgan’s story and garner support for re-opening her case.  Their goal was and still is to have Morgan’s death reclassified as “undetermined” or “homicide” so her death will be re-investigated.  I was interested in hearing what the Ingrams had to say since I have worked on stalking cases before and have seen the evidence in those cases.  I looked forward to seeing the Ingrams’ proof that a travesty of justice had, indeed, taken place.

From August 2012 until January 2013, I read the blog with great curiosity.  However, over time I became increasingly uneasy at what I was reading.  This was partly due to the fact that the Ingrams were publicly naming several individuals and claiming they were involved in Morgan’s stalking and death without solid evidence.  That, to me, looked like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

On September 17, 2012, Toni Ingram was interviewed on Tricia’s True Crime Radio (transcript here).  In the interview, Toni detailed Morgan’s alleged stalking much like the blog does.  She also discussed the effect the stalking had on Morgan, saying that although she was not suicidal, Morgan was a stressed to the max nervous wreck.”  Listeners heard that on the night before she died, Morgan yelled at her mother and went into her bedroom, where she later told her father that she loved him but wasn’t feeling very well.  According to Toni, Morgan’s behavior was “typical,” but she would always apologize the next morning after she had calmed down.  Sadly, she didn’t get a chance to on that occasion because she died during the night.  When this interview occurred, the radio host had not yet seen the police, autopsy, or toxicology reports on Morgan’s death.  After seeing them, she concluded that Morgan had, in fact, committed suicide.

On November 12, 2012, the Ingrams appeared on the Dr. Phil show (transcript here) to tell their story and confront a young lady and her father, whom they have accused of being involved in their daughter’s death.  I by no means think the young lady came across as totally likeable on the show.  Nevertheless, in my opinion, the Ingrams did not adduce solid evidence of her guilt.   Here is the Dr. Phil episode so you can judge the situation for yourself:

[Sorry this video is no longer available because it has been removed from YouTube.  Search for the episode here: ]

Also here:

What do you think so far?

To be continued…

Part 2


3 thoughts on “The Strange Death of Morgan Ingram, Part 1: The Basic Claims, Websleuths, and Dr. Phil

  1. There was stalking going on in the case, the mother on her blogg admitted to checking the number plates of cars in drives that she didn’t know. As if she had the right to know who people in her street was having at their homes. Evidence shows that the lad accused was out of state or at work when most of the events happened, he gave the police dna that they wanted they saw his work sheet and he offered to do a lie detector test. I also noticed that on her blog she allowed people to threaten to kill the neighbours daugter to make her suffer

  2. The only thing “strange” about this case is the outlandish and outright ludicrous reaction of her parents. There was no evidence of stalking actually. NONE whatsoever. That, and it would have been nearly physically impossible for the “killers” to force the medication down Morgan’s throat and break in/leave without waking anyone or leaving any evidence at all of their being there. It’s sickening these people are ruining the lives of innocent people because they cant deal with the fact that Morgan committed suicide after a fight with her mother. To be honest, her mother is not mentally stable, and she was probably incredibly difficult to live with. She needs to come to terms with this and face her responsibility.

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